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Project Nephron

The wearable vest-based design for Project Nephron came out of human factors testing with dialysis patients and nephrologists detailing a configuration for a wearable dialysis system which could be comfortably worn by the dialysis community members. The system is comprised of both durable and single use sterile components.

Project Nephron is powered by breakthrough developments in:

  • Specialized filtration cartridge allowing for effective dialysis in a small footprint
  • Efficient mechanism enabling mobile dialysis and simplifying setup/teardown
  • Novel chemistry enabling dialysate recycling designed to minimize exposure to BHA/BHT
  • Flexible and stable arterio venous connection for enhanced mobility
  • Novel sensors and AI-based algorithms enabling personalization of therapy
  • An always-connected, secure, digital infrastructure enabling safer at home dialysis 


Project Nephron is currently pre-prototype. We are on track to release our product in 2027.