Welcome to Nephria Bio

Our mission is to design, develop, and commercialize solutions that aid in the management of kidney health.

At Nephria Bio, we strive to address unmet needs in the kidney health space:

-Our NephRedi™ dialysis cartridge provides hemodialysis tailored to patients with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

-Our NephroMark™ biomarker tool gives patients and providers the ability to track kidney health and recovery after an AKI event

-Our NephroPatch™ bridge wearable dialysis therapy allows AKI patients to leave the hospital sooner, and receive more of their treatment at home

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The Nephria Bio NephRedi™ and NephRedi+™ dialysis cartridge, the NephroMark™ Biomarker System, and the NephroPatch™ wearable dialysis system are investigative devices only and not available for commercial human use in any jurisdiction. Neither device has received FDA clearance or approval and neither has received CE mark or other competent authority licensure. All images are projected product configuration, final dimensions and features may vary.