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Our Technology and Products

This work could give hundreds of thousands of people with kidney disease the ability to live life more freely and fully”

-Meera Harhay, MD, leader of our Patient advisory board

Where should we innovate to have the most impact?

• Working with our Patient Advisory Board and clinical advisers, Nephria has compiled a list of priorities which include:

Patients want the ability to take charge of their condition

Help them manage to their condition in a manner which fits their lifestyle

Wearable technology, utilizing smartphone applications, etc.

Better management of factors which impact symptoms and disease progression (hydration, kidney health biomarkers, renal-protective drugs)

Enhance their Quality of Life

Less symptoms burden associated with fluid overload or dehydration

Lessened ‘dialysis hangovers’ (symptoms due to dehydration after dialysis)

Having a voice in their treatment; no “one size fits all” therapy plans, and the ability to use data to advocate to providers for personalized care.

Nephria’s Solution

•NephroMarkTM is a non-invasive clip that can measure hydration and electrolyte levels, two types of data that are vital to the management of a variety of chronic diseases

•Results are communicated to a smartphone application

•Hydration sensor can monitor continuously or on demand depending on patient preference

•Results can be shared with a provider to personalize a patient’s treatment 

view of the NephroMark non-invasive hydration sensor

The Nephria EcoSystem

NephroView connected to a NephroMarkTM Sensor it:

•Allows patients and clinicians to better manage ongoing fluid and electrolyte balance issues and maximize treatment outcomes

•Sensor will initially monitor hydration (non-invasive) then add cystatin C for eGFR and/or other ions

Connected to a NephroPatchTM it:

•Provides ongoing, patient calibrated renal protective therapy for those patients who do not respond to oral therapy

•Initial focus on ACE inhibitors then add sglt-2 agents and incretins

Any devices mentioned on this website that are not explicitly indicated as a wellness device are investigative devices only and not available for commercial human use in any jurisdiction. Neither device has received FDA clearance or approval and neither has received CE mark or other competent authority licensure. All images are projected product configuration, final dimensions and features may vary. Any financial projections are predictions only and not guarantees of future return on investment.

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