Our Technology and Products

This work could give hundreds of thousands of people with kidney disease the ability to live life more freely and fully”

-Meera Harhay, MD, leader of our Patient advisory board

Here at Nephria Bio, our technology sets us apart. Our foundation in innovation, science, and collaboration stems from a shared vision. Nephria Bio believes that kidney health should never negatively impact an individual’s life. Our team is passionate about the development of all of our products in pursuit of this vision. Our innovations are first applied to the field of Acute Kidney Injury, or AKI. We invite you to learn more about our products, below:

Nephria Bio NephRedi™ Dialysis Cartridge for AKI Hemodialysis Treatments

Acute Kidney Injury often requires rapid hemodialysis after diagnosis. The NephRedi dialysis cartridge provides toxin removal targeted to address the unique needs of AKI patients.

Nephria Bio’s wearable bridge therapy for AKI treatment

After initial intermittent hemodialysis treatments, AKI patients receive maintenance dialysis at a slower and lower flow rate while still in the hospital. Our bridge device, NephroPatch™, provides this low flow continuous dialysis in a wearable patch, so patients are able to leave the hospital sooner, and receive more of their treatment at home.

NephroMark™ Biomarker tool for AKI early diagnosis and recovery

Many of the current biomarkers indicating AKI only appear 48 hours after the initial kidney injury. Nephria Bio’s NephroMark biomarker tool helps healthcare providers scan for a wide array of biomarkers, with the goal of providing earlier diagnoses and earlier interventions when AKI occurs. NephroMark also has an at-home model, allowing AKI patients to monitor their kidney recovery using their smartphones.

The Nephria Bio NephRedi™ and NephRedi+™ dialysis cartridge, the NephroMark™ Biomarker System, and the NephroPatch™ wearable dialysis system are investigative devices only and not available for commercial human use in any jurisdiction. Neither device has received FDA clearance or approval and neither has received CE mark or other competent authority licensure. All images are projected product configuration, final dimensions and features may vary.

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