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TID Cartridge for Greener Dialysis

Existing dialysis cartridges can leach toxins like BPA into the blood. Made of less toxic materials, Nephria Bio’s dialysis cartridge is better for patients and the environment.

Pumping backplane used for wearable drug delivery

Nephria Bio’s wearable patch pump for drug delivery can be used to treat a variety of chronic diseases and optimized for the dispensing of a wide range of drugs best suited to subcutaneous infusion.

Wearable health monitoring and screening

Non invasive or micro needle monitoring of biomarkers of health. Applications include monitoring a patient for acute kidney injury or diabetic nephropathy.

Closed-loop in-center dialysis

Nephria Bio’s in-line sensor for in-center hemodialysis helps to make dialysis more efficient. Monitoring real-time the rate of toxin clearance and filtration, our sensor tells patients and providers when the targets of dialysis have been reached- avoiding under and over dialysis. This allows patients to receive more personalized dialysis and allows centers to help more patients.

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