Chronic Disease and the Importance of Technology

the comorbidity of Chronic Disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases and shares comorbidities with other chronic conditions (for example diabetes is the #1 cause of CKD)

Despite this fact, CKD has not seen the same amount of  innovation as other chronic diseases such a diabetes

What innovation that exists has been focused on end stage renal disease (ESRD), dialysis and kidney transplant despite evidence that earlier intervention can have significant effects on disease progression and patient outcomes&

(Hassan & Shafi (2022) BMC Medicine 20:117)

Our Vision at Nephria is to change this.

We seek to innovate across the therapy continuum to improve outcomes for all kidney patients; providing connectivity to a digitally-underserved market, and applying our solutions to other chronic disease patients as well.

In our first year as a kidney health company, Nephria Bio has learned a few key lessons.

Lesson 1: Identifying our customer and how can we can do the most good:

•In the kidney health market, dialysis centers are the most common customers

•Through CMS, dialysis centers bill per treatment, including home dialysis treatments.  Outcomes are based on standardized measures; novel analytes not routinely measured

•Priorities of a dialysis center customer: cost savings, profit margin, quick turnover of patients

•Commercializing standard cartridges optimized for novel analytes is difficult and requires existing manufacturing and distribution network (We have chosen to out license to a CM partner)

•Priorities of a kidney patient: more control over their treatments, more communication from providers, more condition management

If we truly want to innovate and improve the kidney health experience, we must address the   kidney patient as a customer

Lesson 2: The importance of providing connectivity to a technologically underserved market:

•Other chronic disease patients have a plethora of tools available (e.g., diabetes diet management with various applications, continuous glucose monitoring [CGM], closed loop insulin delivery systems [i.e., artificial pancreas])

•Kidney Patients want and deserve these same tools!

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