Kidney Health and AKI

The kidney healthcare space is multidimensional, ranging from nutrition to hemodialysis. Nephria Bio is first applying our technology to address the needs of individuals with Acute Kidney Injury, or AKI.

The kidneys can sustain an injury for a variety of reasons. Certain medications or incorrect dosages of medications may cause a kidney injury. Additionally, a surgery, traumatic injury, or chronic disease may cause a kidney injury; along with a variety of other factors.

AKI is a large and growing problem. 1 in every 5 adults develop AKI during their hospital stay, and 1 in every 3 children develop AKI during their hospital stay. Moreover, current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme heat events have also increased the rates of AKI. Up to 43% of adults hospitalized for COVID-19 also developed AKI.

There are many unmet needs in the AKI care space. First, there are no dialyzers specifically targeted to AKI needs commercially available today. Nephria Bio’s NephRedi dialysis cartridge addresses this unmet need.

Second, current diagnostic tools for AKI can only detect a kidney injury 48 hours after it has occurred. Nephria Bio’s NephroMark biomarker tool applies novel biomarker technology to allow healthcare providers to detect and respond to AKI earlier, providing the opportunity for better patient outcomes.

Finally, much of the continuous dialysis required by AKI patients is received in the ICU of their hospital. Nephria Bio’s NephroPatch provides a bridge dialysis solution, allowing AKI patients to spend less time in the hospital, and more time recovering in the comfort of their own home.

The Nephria Bio NephRedi™ and NephRedi+™ dialysis cartridge, the NephroMark™ Biomarker System, and the NephroPatch™ wearable dialysis system are investigative devices only and not available for commercial human use in any jurisdiction. Neither device has received FDA clearance or approval and neither has received CE mark or other competent authority licensure. All images are projected product configuration, final dimensions and features may vary.

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