NephriaBio announces distribution of BIOREMA26H in Canada

Sept 16, 2023

Nephria Bio Inc. (“Nephria”) is pleased to announce its distribution of the BIOREMA26H dialysis cartridge in Canada.

Developed by AllMed Medical Group GmbH, the leading global mid-market provider of dialysis products, the BioRema26H is a mid-cutoff hemodialysis cartridge which excels at lower blood flow rates, while providing superior biocompatibility. This makes the cartridge ideal for acute kidney injury applications, particularly in those individuals who may be experiencing hemodynamic stability issues. Beyond acute applications, the BIOREMA26H can be used across the spectrum of hemodialysis and hemodiafiltration applications which call for mid-cutoff hemodialysis cartridges.

Nephria seeks to reimagine dialysis through the commercialization of products intended to improve the quality of life of those patients suffering with end stage kidney disease. The BIOREMA26H cartridge is a first step in achieving Nephria’s ultimate goal of developing a wearable dialysis solution. We pride ourselves on our culture of safety, quality, and efficiency. For information about any of our dialysis products, or to obtain a quote, please email